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Educational Facilities

Our staff has many years of experience designing and engineering educational facilities in our community and nationally including prototype elementary, junior high school, and high school buildings, HVAC replacement/upgrades, electrical upgrades, and telecommunication, security and surveillance upgrades while employed at other firms as well as with HPA.  Below is a list of the most recent projects being designed or completed by HPA Consulting Engineers.

Clark County School District

    • Blue Diamond Elementary Technology Upgrade

    • Boulder City High School Theater Telecommunication Remodel

    • Courtney Junior High School Roof Replacement Due Diligence and HVAC Replacement

    • Eldorado High School Computer Lab and TR Buildout

    • Food Services Parking Lot Addition

    • Goodsprings Elementary Technology Upgrade

    • Gray Elementary Intrusion Alarm Replacement

    • Green Valley Theater Lighting Upgrade

    • Hancock Elementary School HVAC Assessment

    • Indian Springs Theater and Gymnasium AV Upgrades

    • Koepsell-Russell Transportation

    • Mission High School Intrusion and CCTV Replacement

    • Morrow Elementary School HVAC Replacement

    • Neal Elementary School Roof Replacement Due Diligence and HVAC Replacement

    • Sandy Valley Elementary School Addition

    • Tate-Cheyenne Transportation

    • Washington Continuation Technology Upgrade

       College of Southern Nevada

    • Production Classroom 1749 Electrical Upgrades

    • Data Room 2641 HVAC Upgrades

    • Motorcycle Training Lot

    • Cheyenne Transportation Building HVAC Study

    • Booster Water Heater Replacement

    • Room S144 Laxalt Ed Center

    • Henderson Motorcycle Lighting

    • Elevator Machine Room Upgrades

    • Classroom N137 Renovation

    • Cheyenne Transportation Building Generator

    • Early Childhood Development Plumbing Design

    University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

    • White & Beam Hall Restroom Renovation

    • South Complex Renovation

    • Dental Research Lab

    • Starbucks at Student Center

    • POD Market at Student Center

    • Jamba Juice at Student Center

    Educational Facilities: Projects
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